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Relapse Protocol

by Planetdamage

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i’ve got maps for the likes of me blank world outlines, two pages need no more, need no less only a life to fill it out if i speak their language well i mark that country green this shows me where i can survive keeps me humble but if i blame those on top i’ve gotta mark that country red unsatisfied // so viral mark that country red so i keep at it and learn and i keep at it to survive cause my event horizon’s on a flatline this wasn’t what you promised so fuck you for your social credit systems and for showing me in ads what i just talked about and all the lies and all the hacks and all the camps and the elections, and epstein – that wasn’t suicide i can’t keep my mouth shut i’ve gotta color my land red (x2) surveillance lays your face into a log cocoon feeding records with your late night incognito searches your kompromat is growing like clockwork nobody gives a fuck // if it’s real or not i’ve got maps for the likes of me blank world outlines, two pages need no more need no less i filled it fast enough if i can survive there i mark that country green but my map is mostly red who’s on a thousand fucking lists now
don't get your hopes up / your comfort leaks you a manic persistence with moments / re-combinating a hazy pretense of safety the worse the better / premeditated don’t get your hopes up / you’re not that famous only feed algos tonight are your caretakers keep calm, human / you're just small fish stuck in a dragnet tracing our steps back, all suboptimal histories deepfaked, not letting go forgotten fragments (seeping) from a long lost rage frailty metrics on a stock exchange cut once / think twice all ears all eyes don’t get your hopes up / your friends will flag you so will your neighbors / just like the old days can’t get this out now / brainmeat’s invaded sitrep says collateral, filler and faded don’t get your hopes up / you’re not that famous time to ditch those bloated expectations
this track is a mess but so is europe and what about the u.s. or what about the rest interstate, trans-europe distress unevenly distributed egress welfare state dystopia swerving in entropia this track is a mess but you nod maybe you synced and so did europe your fault perhaps and what about the rest continental minmaxed politics national enemies intermixed a/b-tested sandbox fuckery collective glitching deniability history has this scripted common sense contradicted utopias only work when we close our eyes and nobody hasn’t slept for a long time not even in europe
sitting on a rooftop with a gun two clicks zone ninety nine kills done floating on standby, fragmented in time undoing my feed with the cache and the buffer and it’s HI REZ LO LIFE night city vibes there’s an ego to boost with a dozen retries i’m a top class sniper building retreats that’s just damage control and some ammo cheats hundred kills done, there’s a whole lot more devnulling my proof, such a media whore got no need for engagement, i’m feeling good in my caves you are up in the cloud, I’ve got my offline saves this is a code red blip an adrenaline flip HI REZ LO LIFE night city vibes there’s an ego to boost with a dozen retries i’m a top class sniper building retreats that’s just damage control and some ammo cheats HI REZ LO LIFE on my mark just a walk in the rain in a too dark park all my filters are rich in a dopamine kick turning you into junkies so why not suck my low pass filters, hundred and ten high pass filters, nine thousand ninety nine easy run for the money got no body to hide all my feeds unreal, no empty brains to ride alert alert alert this is a code black blip an adrenaline flip
Freeport 04:24
freeport, post-dawn retrieval where has your gravity gone once a proud gravity / always a liability listen closely enough hydraulics reveal a tale of things not needing us gods with human faces horrified us so we made do with information, stock exchange, big data and other abstract arrays gigantic but still deleteable if you listen closely enough hydraulics reveal a notion of sorrow and shame about the human nation
deflect - divide - neglect - survive retrieve - restrain - relieve - retain no complaint no complaint firewalls in my beat / malware in my drums this is a kick injection / a beat infection this is a kick injection / a drop infection those ears will learn to pop // as the drone blade goes // chop chop chop chop one, deflect, two, divide, three, neglect, four, survive five, retrieve, six, restrain seven, relieve, eight, retain
this network never sleeps nor do the people who’re around me we form frail, forking synergies moving deeper underground tempoing down fast frantic alleys point of view’s worth eighty points in rations or IQ, I don’t know plastic beehive cavities recycled air puts us to sleep well-rounded atemporal game show question authority think for yourself or they’ll huff-an-a-puff and they’ll chip your brain in question authority think for yourself or they’ll huff-an-a-puff and they’ll blow your brains in deckarding out into the green leaving the concrete, staying unseen eyes on the scanner, eyes on the screen Avoiding the grid, what a stealth routine the matrix was right all along we’re agents on our own accord devices for ears, mouths and eyes omniscient bugs under black scrambling skies
an anomaly of misconstructed motoric functions regret gunner optics trashed still hunting high and low regret gunner regret gunner this last mission i cannot leave client’s paying mega regret gunner minimal viable regret is that still a thing regret gunner another non-endorsement solid proof regret gunner professional pride, out of beta regret gunner probably a thing with the sensors then just a glitch with the doorknob I never thought we’d have air blasts Nor my brain on the mirrors How great ballistics Oh this solution’s an art form All my new yen well spent Such a blast to go out with a glorious anomaly of motoric functions regret gunner optics trashed still hunting high and low regret gunner still hunting with eyeballs cracked no standby switches regret gunner
Vex (Mk2) 03:58
a spectre is haunting Europe the spectre of transhumanism all the powers of the old and new all the powers out there gonna truncate you Pope and Tsar / Google and Facebook Microsoft and Monsanto / Amazon and Pepsico IBM, YKK, Apple, Tesla and Cambridge Motherfucking Analytica legislation, trademarks, pre-planned evolution grinderwork and bodymods to ramp up the nation upvoting quantum is probably good left to my own devices I probably would CIA and FBI / NSA and Five Eyes this planet is currently under demise it looks like you’re using an ad blocker it looks like we’re using an ad blocker your server is currently unavailable your mindset is currently unavailable your nation is currently unavailable society currently unavailable this whole planet is currently unavailable common sense is currently 404 legislation, trademarks, pre-planned evolution festering hopes in check, a recumbent nation downvoting bubble theory, out there is the truth and left to your own devices, you’ll fuck with the youth fucked up beyond recognition, got that understood and left to our high contrast crosshairs, we probably should
charred emotions charred humans rectified catatonic raw complacent deprosthetic for the first time twenty twenty deathmatch single networks ostracized fast-forward prayers, accelerated, designed for vacuum confusion tubes splinters splinters burning bright scraps scraps augmented eyes voiding all remaining rights it’s a person so it’s a trap substituting tensor girls tensor boys scraps nothing complete remains it’s a human so it’s a trap such deathtrap moment heavyset encrypt geometry hostile suave element anatomy monotony sensory overload gluttony lurker lurker nude nude lurker random flashbangs from corner to corner our patterns mimic the logic of water such author ravager well-placed exporter corroder cheque cashier fuse blower death snorter manslaughter snapchatted informer transporter codeblackedout and this time you gave up your only supporter failscrapper doom hoarder scraps scraps scraps nothing complete remains scraps fast photonic crystal form nothing complete remains scraps scraps burning burning bright splinters splinters splinters what augmented brain or eye could survive these winters this is not a this is not a surgery based on simplicity simplicity based on surgery so this is suburban permanent in a figurative lockdown degrees of freedom were meant to initiate shutdown



This album was originally a 40-minute mixtape. I chopped it up to tracks, knowing fully that any streaming delays or MP3 player plugin settings might screw up the nonstop listening experience.

Having that in mind - when you buy this album, you will receive two extra nonstop 40-min mixes, one with vocals and one instrumental.

The 40-minute video complementing the album is available here:


released November 13, 2020

Music and lyrics by Máriusz Bari.
Mastered by Reza Udhin at Cryonica Mastering (www.cryonicamastering.com).
Cover and artwork design by Richard Besenczi (www.richardbesenczi.com).

Album released on Black Pill Red Pill Records (BPRP34).


all rights reserved



Planetdamage Budapest, Hungary

Insatiable love for pop & alternative culture, cyberpunk, caffeine & anything with a Scoville rate or a frequency.

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