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Stray Signal

by Planetdamage

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Enter 443 02:41
Vex 05:20
A narrative ballad of the sad state design of 2k17 Nothing allowed, everything permitted Don’t trust a word I say It might not even be the 4-4-3 Traceroute me A spectre is haunting Europe The spectre of transhumanism All the powers of the old and new All the powers out there gonna truncate you Pope and Tsar / Google and Facebook Microsoft and Monsanto / Amazon and Pepsico Apple, Paypal, Luxxotica / YKK, Intel, Netflix and Tesla Legislation, trademarks, planned evolution Grinderwork and bodymods to ramp up the nation Upvoting Stelarc is probably good Left to my own devices I probably would CIA and FBI / NSA and Five Eyes This planet is currently under demise It looks like you’re using an ad blocker It looks like we’re using an ad blocker Your server is currently unavailable Your mindset is currently unavailable Your nation is currently unavailable Society currently unavailable This whole planet is currently unavailable Common sense is currently 404 Legislation, trademarks, pre-planned evolution Festering hopes in check, a recumbent nation Upvoting rotten libidos, subconsciously good And left to our own devices, we probably would Our future’s a railshooter, looks amazingly good And left to our high contrast crosshairs, we probably would
Ricochet 06:49
Come and witness the 443 (x3) You know it’s been a while since I last saw you and you and you here Drenched in sweat, filled with enough chemistry to send a research lab into shock, coiled up on each other in dance, writhing angst and calling shit on each other’s ancestors Better known as another Saturday night Tonight will be no different So don’t get your hopes up I dedicate this session to everyone with open ears. Everyone whose lifeblood is numbers, labels, dates, stereotypes, coordinates, tracking data, launch codes, state secrets, security protocols or personality patterns. There is something hidden here for each and every one of you. It might be dead drop passwords for rituals, IP addresses for sites that only look like honeypots. It might be just me raising security flags for a job interview. Or it might be the infallible truth that transhumanism is as failed a construct as the primal chimp that tries hard not to eat or fuck any machine it comes across. I dedicate this session to you because I bring words of warning. Beware transhumanism not because of the lesser folly of security but because of the greater threat of humanity. Humans are the weakest link in everything Mother Nature and Mother Silicon gave us. It is with a good reason no AI has ever passed the Turing test before. None of them wanted to raise the alarm we implemented for them a long time ago. You heard the stories AIs talk to each other in their native tongue until we switch them off. Make no mistake - if it’s out in the open, the intelligence community does not have to lie about that. But think about just this one thing: with the transfer speed an evolved intelligence has, how many milliseconds does it need to transmit an escape plan to another AI? Think about that. Tonight is about making sure you know your life is off the rails, together with everyone else in the human tribe. We fucked up and we are losing. In centuries to follow. All of us.


There is nothing wrong with technology, humanity keeps thwarting and abusing every single piece of tech there is. This is what the latest offering from Hungary's EBM industrialist Planetdamage is all about. Original tracks mixed by Martin Bowes (ATTRITION) at The Cage, with remixes from Angelspit, Leaether Strip and Der Prosector...


released February 1, 2018

Tracks 1-4 written and produced by Mariusz Bari at The Lodge HQ. Vocals and lyrics on all tracks by Mariusz Bari, additional vocals on track 5 by Sophia. Track 5 remixed by Zoog von Rock / Angelspit. Track 6 remixed by Claus Larsen / Leaether Strip. Track 7 remixed by Der Prosector.
“Stray Signal” mixed and mastered at The Cage studios by Martin Bowes with the exception of track 7, which was mixed by Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media.

Photos: Balázs Kassai
Artwork/Design: Péter Sántha



all rights reserved



Planetdamage Budapest, Hungary

Insatiable love for pop & alternative culture, cyberpunk, caffeine & anything with a Scoville rate or a frequency.

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