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Hi Rez Lo Life

by Planetdamage

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sitting on a rooftop with a gun two clicks zone ninety nine kills done floating on standby, fragmented in time undoing my feed with the cache and the buffer and it’s HI REZ LO LIFE night city vibes there’s an ego to boost with a dozen retries i’m a top class sniper building retreats that’s just damage control and some ammo cheats hundred kills done, there’s a whole lot more devnulling my proof, such a media whore got no need for engagement, i’m feeling good in my caves you are up in the cloud, I’ve got my offline saves this is a code red blip an adrenaline flip HI REZ LO LIFE night city vibes there’s an ego to boost with a dozen retries i’m a top class sniper building retreats that’s just damage control and some ammo cheats HI REZ LO LIFE on my mark just a walk in the rain in a too dark park all my filters are rich in a dopamine kick turning you into junkies so why not suck my low pass filters, hundred and ten high pass filters, nine thousand ninety nine easy run for the money got no body to hide all my feeds unreal, no empty brains to ride this is a code black blip an adrenaline flip
A narrative ballad of the sad state design, fuck you 2k18 Nothing allowed, everything permitted Don’t trust a word I say It might not even be the 4-4-3 Traceroute me A spectre is haunting Europe The spectre of transhumanism All the powers of the old and new All the powers out there gonna truncate you Pope and Tsar / Google and Facebook Microsoft and Monsanto / Amazon and Pepsico IBM, YKK, Apple, Tesla and Cambridge Motherfucking Analytica Legislation, trademarks, pre-planned evolution Grinderwork and bodymods to ramp up the nation Upvoting quantum is probably good Left to my own devices I probably would CIA and FBI / NSA and Five Eyes This planet is currently under demise It looks like you’re using an ad blocker It looks like we’re using an ad blocker Your server is currently unavailable Your mindset is currently unavailable Your nation is currently unavailable Society currently unavailable This whole planet is currently unavailable Common sense is currently 404 Legislation, trademarks, pre-planned evolution Festering hopes in check, a recumbent nation Downvoting bubble theory, out there is the truth And left to your own devices, you’ll fuck with the youth Fucked up beyond recognition, got that understood And left to our high contrast crosshairs, we probably should
TAZ 05:39
thinking is crime, crime is art (x2) brainwork is crime, crime is art i’m looking for a way out / where to depart anomalous citizen / beat zen denizen a non-beating chrome heart / just carcinogen tender the districts / where cameras don’t shine cctvs don’t ping / assemblies don’t frontline cosmopolitan rootless nomadic zone until i’m alone CHORUS black noise white light / steady hands eightball chainsaw baptist / stat fetish handboy remedy trainwreck / misery’s fine mind the propaganda painter / mind the line CHORUS2 blackmail whitewash / tedium ore dead drop eavesdrop / strike and run some more black noise crew / kill the surveillance drone in the smack fucking middle of the temporary autonomous zone cosmopolitan rootless nomadic sign until the gibsons align
This network never sleeps Nor do the people who’re around me We form frail, forking synergies Moving deeper underground Tempoing down fast frantic alleys Point of view’s worth eighty points In (gas,) rations or IQ, I don’t know Plastic beehive cavities Recycled air puts us to sleep Well-rounded atemporal game show Dassing, P-Orridge, Key Leeb, Reznor, Richard 23 Newton, Van Reich, Engler Charnier, Chamberlain, Mallinder Schmidt, Wonterghem, Endo Gordon, Ostermann, Konietzko Balance, Larsen, Ohgr, Hübner McCarthy, Bowes, Learmont, Fulber Thirty-two kevlar vests of riot Cyberpunks on autopilot Thrussell, Simonsson, Myer Goettel, Ni-Arb, Empire The Matrix was right all along We’re agents on our own accord Devices for ears, mouths and eyes Omniscient bugs under black scrambling skies


released January 11, 2019

Check out the official video for HI REZ LO LIFE here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnvVw73qqX4

Music and lyrics by Máriusz Bari.
Mixing and mastering and additional producerly work by Krisztián Árvai.
Artwork and graphic design by Richárd Besenczi.


all rights reserved



Planetdamage Budapest, Hungary

Insatiable love for pop & alternative culture, cyberpunk, caffeine & anything with a Scoville rate or a frequency.

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